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24th June 2018

Lucky Cloud Sound System 15th Anniversary
Start : 17:00
End : 00:00
Location : Rose Lipman Building, Hackney, London.
Lucky Cloud Sound System have been organising Loft-style parties since 2003. Held four times a year on Sunday from 5:00pm to midnight, as close to the equinoxes and the solstices as we can manage, the events are rooted in the simple principle of friends wanting to come together in order to relax and dance, just as they would at a birthday party. Initially held at the Light, a converted power station in Shoreditch that echoed the interior of the abandoned warehouses where David Mancuso held his parties between 1970-84, the party moved to the Rose Lipman building in June 2014 when property developers took over the Light. The first party at the new venue went like a dream and we hope to make it our home for a very long time.